Sunday, October 23, 2011

You WANT, you THINK, you HAVE!

Well, well, well, the entire collage presented to you above talks about LIFE.

When I tried googling ‘Quotes on life’, I got an un-countable list of quotes.

And whenever I read these ‘inspirational’ quotes, I land up saying, “OH MY GOSH! THESE ARE WONDERFUL!”

And trust me, they solve all your problems in seconds, right? Like, you have the answer for every problem in life.

Are you trying to say your problem is universal? So indirectly, everything that happens in your life is some way or the other similar to something that’s happening in someone else’s life?

Now, let me be frank. I’ve been going through issues, issues that never resolved but left me even more tangled!

I’ve been worried all the time about my career. A few months back, I’d thought I’d become a writer! It’s so exciting when you write a blog or a note on facebook and you get a few sweet comments that encourage you to think that you can practically become a full-fledged writer! But is it that easy when there’s a lot more audience, more readers, and many people depending on what you write and GOSH! The critics!

I’ve been told that, to be a writer, you actually need to mug up Shakespearian quotes and quotes by other famous authors!

Are you serious? I thought the art of expressing your feelings through words was being a writer!

Never mind. May be the above definition that describes a writer does not exist!

And recently, after making a short film for a project in college, I’ve had a thought of joining a film school.

So now, I’m all the more confused.

What am I?

What am I GOING to be?

Where am I going to land up?

These thoughts have constantly been on my mind since almost a year now.

If I try finding an answer to this question, all I’m going to find is the n number of quotes based on life saying, “EVERYTHING WILL FALL IN IT’s PLACE WHEN IT’s THE RIGHT TIME!”

This makes me strong, very strong!

And then there are movies, movies like Seven Pounds. Such movies make me think of joining an NGO. It makes me think I should be lecturing a bunch of underprivileged kids, who are in need of knowledge, but aren’t benefitted with any! But am I smart enough? Their lives would depend on what I say and what I do. Would I be worth that much of trust?

And then my mind tells me, ENOUGH.

Enough with all of these notions, confusions, assumptions, policies and philosophies!

So I walk towards my sister to find an answer... My sister who can talk in a language that seems foreign to any specie on Earth.

She has this one habit of talking while moving her hands in a way that seems very interesting and tells me of how sure she is about her beliefs and notions. She talks with a lot of emphasis!

For example, when I ask her a silly question like, “When am I going to meet the guy of my dreams?”

“Well, (her palms spread out to welcome mine, I hold them tight) He’s somewhere real close, baby! You just need to stop looking for him! The harder you to try looking for him, you’ll land up with all the wrong guys who aren’t worth you, sweetie!”

So much like the quote stuff, isn’t it?

Well, I can’t judge whether she’s right about ‘the perfect guy’, or not, unless I find the answer an to it. Sometimes I do believe what she says is the truth. Sometimes she says things that turns on the switched off bulb in my brain and helps me think.

The other night I argued on how much I need a life that’s more simpler for a teenager like me. I kept telling how things have been difficult. I puked out all the non-sense I had in my brains and she didn’t have an answer to all of that confusion.

So she kept talking.

She kept trying to find the right answer to all my questions.

 It’s difficult for a 21 year old to convince her 18 year old sister, you see.

But that doesn’t mean I’d ever find better answers from somebody else. No, never. Not even my mom and dad could ever be able to help me cool down the way my sister can!

So here’s what she said that night which brought me here to blog, “Look khushi, (her palms spread out to me, but this time, not to welcome mine, but to give a gesture that almost looked like she’s weighing two things in each of her palm) You’re living TWO lives, you see. This one’s the one that you’re living (raising one palm over the other), and this is the one you ‘think’ you’re living (Raising the other palm, both to the same level).”

See? How simple was it? But did I ever think of this? NO!

There’s this one life I’ve constantly thought I was living.  It’s the life where my problems are universal. It’s the place where everything can be answered with the help of quotes and where my dreams and goals are hard to find.

And the other life, is where I have problems that resolves sooner than I thought it will. Where there are people for rescue. Where my problems are just mine and where I can make my own quote after what I learnt from my experiences!

This life, carves my niche.

This life is where the solution to all my issues are the moral science lessons that I had in my 1st and 2nd grade! Here, everything I’ve learnt is from the things that got around me!

This life is my JOURNEY, the reason why I started blogging, the journey that will find it’s own destination!

So both the lives I live are important to me, ‘cause the 1st life, teaches me to reach things higher than my expectations, and the other tells me to relax, EVERYTHING WILL FALL IN IT’s PLACE WHEN IT’s THE RIGHT TIME!

Here, I, am one single person, connecting to the millions of people all around the world, making everything I say, UNIVERSAL!

Good bye dear friends, hope my blog meant something. Even if it didn’t, be nice, like you’ve always been! J :P
Thanks for the comments on my previous blog! The compliments boosted my self-esteem to a level where I went to college everyday with my spectacles on!