Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am wearing three crowns on my half bald head!

Such alot happening these days.
Lectures, house-keeping, fun with freinds, reading and so busy that I couldn't be very active on Blogger. I apologise for that.
I have realised my previous blog was filled with alot of gibberish. Though it was about my 'Powerpuff moment', but my language wasn't that great.
So I am planning to work on my grammar and writing skills. I have to learn to be crisp and clear, and stop running around the mulberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry bushes.
I also have put 'reading' in my daily priority, as it is said, the more you read, the more you write well.
Blogging has already helped me work on my writing alot. Thankyou Blogger.

Now's my time to write about my crowing moment this week.
The very first crowning moment is right now, at this very moment. I have managed to spare some time from the busy schedule and  have tried been very loyal to Melanie and her new 'crowning moment' blog-hop, cause she has made this for all of us here, inspite of being WAY more busier than me (obviously. 6 kids! My mom finds it difficult to handle 3!) Haha!

My second crowning moment this week was in the train on my way to college, and I got up to make space for an old lady to sit. She was standing since a long time and was looking for a place to sit. There were many young girls like me, sitting, but all were busy, either listening to their i-pods or reading novels.
I smiled at the lady when I got up, and asked her to sit. She was carrying a heavy bag.
She never smiled back.
I don't know if she was grateful to my little act of kindness. But I am sure all the girls around me learnt something that day. I wouldn't expect the lady to be grateful, sometimes you're just happy doing something for some-one even without expecting an appreciation. Or who knows, she may have uploaded 'I am grateful to the kind girl in the train' at Maxabella's 'I am grateful for blog-hop' Hehe.

Am the stupid girl in red and my pretty freind in pink!
And the paddle-pop umbrella!
I am grateful to the old news-paper man who kept my umbrella safe with him after I forgot it in his stall while buying the daily newspaper and a good magazine with 'How to catch a guys attention in 10 days' on its cover. Luckily I did not give up on finding it and went looking for it (maybe another crowning moment) when I actually found this man smiling at me from a distance and I was sure it said, "Haha, careless little girl! It's with me, but am not going to tell you unless you remember you left it here with me". So I ran upto him and asked him for it.
My beautiful paddle-pop umbrella was back in hands.
Here's the picture of it. And that's my freind, Dipti. Just as short as I am, just as fat as I am, just as sweet as I am (so we flock together!)

The last and the best thing that became my crowning moment was when I wished a bus driver a very good morning with a huge smile and very sweetly he dropped me closer to my college, to make it simpler for me. Am sure after my sugar coated "good morning" I deserved it!

Have a great weekend!

P.S - I am not bald. Just suffering through hair-loss. Going to try Loreal shampoo and conditioner. Hope it works. If it does, I promise to be grateful for it in the coming week!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Power puff moment!

Today was my FIRST day of my SECOND year in college.
I woke up with “All the single ladies” alarm, may be just because it’s the loudest song I got in my phone.
I got all dressed, met up with a friend and carried a short journey to college.
It was nice going to college after many days, especially travelling in the local trains and rickshaws but somehow something HAS to go wrong, could there ever be a perfect day? In fact the most im-perfect days become your ‘fantastic-perfectly-awesome’ days, for e.g.: I had mine when I spent my
‘crowning moment’ (as Melanie my blogger-friend calls it) with my sister.
So the little bad thing that happened was that I got into wrong bus. It isn’t that simple as it may sound, I literally had to walk my way to college. And that’s not good
J especially if it happens on your very first day!
Anyways, through-out the lectures, it was FUN. I was once again the joke-cracker of my class, who got people (friends, class-mates, teachers, obviously these are the people expected in a class! Silly me) into a kind of laugh that makes your stomach sour and your cheek pain.
I was enjoying all of this after a damn long time.

I also put an end to the ‘ill-treatment’ I was given in the class. Oh yes! There are these evil guys of my class who tend to annoy a girl to make fun out of it and have a great laughter troubling her and you just stand there thinking they just want to be friends with you, NO! They are just being there to have fun, so get out and tell them, “THAT’s ENOUGH”.
And that’s what I did!
My crowning moment!
 I was 1st attacked by this very leader of the ‘gang’ of troublesome guys. He pulled off my hair bow!
 I mean WHY?
Can’t you just stand like 2 feet away from me and still crack a joke and make others laugh?
Not that I am a stupid kind of a girl who thinks it aint right for a  guy to get touchy and stuff, obviously it’s wrong, but I am friendly, I don’t think that’s a bad thing to do, but there’s a difference between ‘humour’ and ‘bullying’.
If you’re a humorous person you may just laugh in a manner that may make plenty others hold their tummies, but if you’re a bully, you’re going to make a bunch of people laugh, a few other think you’re absolutely un-civilised and some people cry, of-course the VICTIM in this case.
So I decided to put a stop to this non-sense. I gave a dead stare to ‘leader’ of the ‘gang’ and there, my hair bow was in my hair again and not in his filthy hands.
So all the little girls like me who are reading me, or all the mommies or daddies of girlies reading me in here make sure your daughter isn’t getting bullied by such bunch of awfully-use for nothing-boys. But there aint no need to take care, they will themselves, as they grow up.
But a few need your hand and help.
So to the girls, don’t be the victim (not that am advising you to be the bully instead, but be the one people would never dare to bully!)
And when they say, “don’t tell mom about this little issue, they get worried for no reason”, that’s when you need to go back home and tell your mom about what went wrong.
You never know, this was a little case of hair band, but there are BAD situations when you NEED to speak to your parents.  I have faced these kind off little issues all the time with the same guys. So I had to do something about it.
And parents reading me please don’t make your baby talk to your hand!
You will never make them comfortable if you tell them, “Go away, and don’t get these little issues to me!”
I am sure not many do this, lucky my parents never made these evil statements to me, but I know my friends who have never been able to be friends with their parents for this very reason.

So I got my ‘crowning moment’ today, felt like a Power puff girl, with no extra ingredient like chemical X!
I hope some other girls anywhere and every-where in this world too gets the same chance, but even if you don’t, you always have your ‘The Incredible’ family along!

That’s all for today. Goodnight dear world, I am still on my way reaching you. The journey is going to be never ending. Yet I will travel. You MAKE me travel!

And thank you Mel for the
‘Crowning moment’ blog hop <3


Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Mr. Happy and Mr. Positive.

This week it rained.
I am sure you must be thinking what a big deal it would be if it rained huh?
It rains cats and dogs in most places this season. So what’s the need to think over it an entire week? Or why do I need to be grateful about any of it?

What do you do when it rains heavily when you’re outside? Open your umbrellas and protect yourself.
But I am sure you still get drenched.
Isn’t it beautiful?

What do you do when it rains heavily when you’re INSIDE the house? Open all your curtains and enjoy the scenery. Right? (Or am I talking to the aliens who love to shut the windows and curtains and hate that view?! )

Even in the darkest of the nights or days (when the rain- clouds have conquered the sky), you stay warm and protected in your house.

What do you think I am grateful for? Is it the rains?

Yes, I am grateful to rains.

But I am even more grateful to the house that has protected me. 

I don't know whose house is this. If any-one saying, "MINE!", nice house!

All of us have beautiful houses where we live.  Do not include mine in those. Mine WAS beautiful and WILL BE beautiful when mommy comes to rescue it. Right now, it’s a junkyardJ. 

Yet it’s warm and it’s MY place of messing up things and MY secret place of hiding out of rains. I am grateful because I wondered how it would be if it rained and I had to take cover in a cave like Tom Hanks had to in ‘Cast away’.

I walked home this week every-day from college in a hurry to get home.

I saw people running and taking cover under little shops. I noticed not the ones who had forgotten their umbrellas at home, but those who actually didn’t have anywhere else to go.

I feel too young, power-less and help-less when I think there are people who don’t have a house to live in.
But do you know what makes them stronger than me?  Their power of positive thinking.
Some vegetable sellers in the market sit with their umbrellas. Lucky them! They got an umbrella to sit under. Their one and only blanket to cover their wives’, kids and their own bodies. Right?

 I know a man who lives in this ‘style’.
When-ever I go to buy vegetables from him, he looks at me and gives me a very cute smile and always tells me to teach him how to speak in English. He tells me he wants to become a teacher when he goes back to his village when he’s sold enough vegetables. He wants to teach the children maths and some basics of English. (Maybe he just wants to show-off amongst the people there! He laughed when I asked him if he wants to show-off, I take it as a YES!)

I don’t know his name. But I call him ‘Bhaiya’ (Brother). And you can call him Mr. Happy J (he has a beautiful smile)

I am also grateful to something else this week.

When you open your window, you sense the breeze touch your body and feel the cold little droplets on your skin and the amazing smell of the wet sand! Don’t you?
Isn’t it amazing the way you feel the rain touch your hands when you put them out of the window?

I know a man who may not get to enjoy these feelings, but he’s way more happier than what any of us could be.

Dear friends,

I take this opportunity to introduce myself; my name is Girish Gogia, I am an interior designer by profession, still continuing with my projects with a GREATER ZEAL, now on a mission to spread the Magic of “POSITIVE THINKING”.

In the year 2000, I was at a beach in Goa to usher in the millennium. A confident ocean swimmer that I was, one miscalculated dive, changed my life completely. I am completely paralyzed neck downwards due to a cervical spinal cord injury. I wondered why I was chosen for such a fate. WHY ME??

In spite of all the adversities and the trying times, I didn’t allow hope to cease.

I realized that “nothing was impossible” it was all about the indomitable spirit & mind over matter.

Every person in this world is sent with a MOTIVE. My motive is to spread “the magic of positive thinking and happiness.” Life is God’s wonderful creation. It’s all about learning and moving on. We all should promise to live life to the fullest. With POSITIVE THINKING I regained my confidence and learned “to look life in the face.” Life is like a LAMP, & POSITIVE THINKING is the OIL. If the oil gets exhausted, the lamp goes off.!!”

I do not know him personally. But all I know about him is that, he is a very positive man. And it shows in his efforts he has made to create ‘positive thinking’ in the minds of people. One of his videos have been made by his favorite young guy and girl who helps him collect his thoughts and put them into words and makes movies. They also happen to be my class-mates, and very good friends, Bhavya and Ayesha. Through whom I got to know Mr. Gogia better. It is right here. Watch the video to know more about what he thinks about positive thinking.

He calls himself THE POSITIVE MAN OF INDIA. And we can call him Mr. Positive

so are you going to sit and nag about the rain on your shoes or the dripping clothes that you need to wash? Or the fungus that's growing on your un-washed pile of clothes? (not that I have a pile of clothes that needs to be washed as soon as possible, am just saying, casually!)
Or are you not going to enjoy these monsoons from in AND out of your house?
Did you understand what Mr. Happy and Mr. Positive has told you?
I did.
So I will NOT crib on the little issues that happen in my life. Instead I will go and enjoy the life that I am living in and encourage Mr. Happy and Mr. Positive


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grateful to heart-breaks!

Heart-break. Sounds like a destructive, devastating, shattering etc. etc. word in itself right?
Feels like your standing on a cliff watching yourself falling from high above puncturing your puny body and no-one cares to save you, isn’t it?
But what if you find a way to build a bridge to the other mountain ranges that could help you? What if this bridge was the only way to reach there? Would you thank yourself to be standing on this cliff? Would you still be hurt and fallen apart when you know there’s still a way?
Well I would opt to climb on the bridge and discover if I have a way out of the maze of mountains. I would risk walking on the broken bridge. Risk if even I see logs of wood from the bridge falling deep in the rocks below! I may fall down, but at least my heart would know I tried, instead of sitting on a cliff crying.
If I reach to the other side, I wouldn’t give up on trying to find my way out, or fund my way to a new beginning.
 I may land up standing on a cliff again!
But wait. There may be another bridge.
Every broken-heart calls for a bridge, and every bridge leads to the other side of the problem or the obstacle. The more bridges on your heart, the more you are capable of finding solutions to your problems.
I have taken up heart breaks as a challenge, a beginning, and a small gap in my journey of life. If I will sit and wait for help, I may waste off my entire life, but if opt to use the bridge, I may reach closer to my destination, but at least I would be closer, and won’t be regretting.

So heart-breaks are my bridges to the other beautiful lane of my journey. They give me strength and make me wiser. So I will welcome them, just as I welcome love!
Love will find me someday, or I may find love, when I will cross the bridge, waiting will only show my sunsets and sunrises. A heart-break will help me through my journey.

The Journey continues...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Girl or a woman?

What am I a girl or a woman?! I NEED to go out with my friends a bit. I know this sounds weird, but I am stuck in the house alone for HOURS and I am only spending time with myself, myself and myself!
Cause of this, I am building a very dangerous disease called 'lonelyzania' that’s making me love and enjoy my loneliness. And that’s not good. NO-NO.  For eg:

My friends came over to meet me after a long time. I spent around 2 hours with them.
For the first 30 minutes, I was absolutely normal.
The next quarter, my friends asked me to dress up so that we could go for a ‘fun walk’ (laughing-giggling-smiling-and cracking dumb jokes while walking). So I put on my jeans and a nice casual top and was all ready.

My friends waited at the door, for another quarter while I ran around the house, putting off all the lights and fans, the T.V switches, closing all the windows, checking if I have not let the gas on in a hurry, put some perfume and there! I was ready atlast!
 My friends signed with relief, we stepped in the lift and WAIT!   I still have to lock the door. So I lock the door, check twice if it’s locked properly.
And then we all got in the lift.
And suddenly WAIT!
I rushed back to my floor, opened the door again, got my wallet out and said, "What if I need to buy some vegetables when I am back!"

Can you believe that?
Am I turning into a woman? At the age of 18?!
In the next hour we were under our building standing and talking to other friends who met us on the way.
I greeted them very sweetly, spoke to each one for about 5-10 seconds and then I was watching the birds, and the garden, and when I was done watching and admiring the garden, checked out how weirdly some girls were dressed (I know thats mean, am just being frank!) and thats it, after the long hour, we ATLAST began the 'fun walk'.
For about 15 minutes I survived the jokes-hitting each other-giggles-and laughter, the next entire hour I was slogging behind everyone, trying to cope up with them using my tiny-short legs.
'Trying' my best to be in the conversation that included what the girl on the 8th floor had done when she was caught with her boyfriend, and how she was tormented to surrender her mobile phone to her parents (isn't that extremely stupid? I mean, if you have caught your daughter dating some guy, you already know she was dating, why would you want to read her messages?! I agree shes 18, but come-on shes 18! If she's making a wrong choice, you’re supposed to be explaining stuff to her, and not torchuring her and reading her personal messages, that is SICK).

But when I said this, all the girls looked at me as if I said something so damn weird.

Why such taboos that could spoil a girl's life? I mean If atall shes caught, and yelled at, the next time she does it, she’s going to do it alone, and in a way no-one ever catches her. What are you going to do then? Attach a CCTV camera in her room?

Anyways, to get back to the topic, while I was 'trying' to catch up with them, I seen some amazingly beautiful vegetables with a vege guy, so I happily walked to him, bought some fresh nice green vegetables and fruits, a moment of joy, the guy smiled at me in a very sweet way, he had seen me after a long time.

I asked him , ”Kaise ho bhaiya?” (How are you brother?),

Vege man, " Hum thik hai beta, aap kidhar the? Bohot dino ke baad dikhe."

(Where were you child? Haven't seen you around from a long time.)

Me- Bahar Gaon gayi thi  (Had been out of town).

I walked back home with my friends, sad and depressed. I just could not stay in the conversation!
Maybe it’s because I have just got back from a 2 month holiday, so most probably I have missed on a lot of conversations.To get into the talks again may take some time.
Maybe I am grown more mature. I am just worried about myself.

 I just find my friends different now. They are so totally different.
 They make friends SO fast.
 And I think almost 100 times before I do that.
They are out most times.
And I am just inside my house.
Not that I don’t like to go out. I just prefer staying home.
 I like to stay home, read and write blogs, read articles, watch T.V, clean up the mess, do the laundry, and spend time with my sister when she gets home.
But  this is a very bad way of living.
I am an 18 year old and I need to behave and think like one!
So I am just waiting for my college to start.
With that my socialising would start again. And I may get cured from lonelyzania.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Families ARE important.

We always meet different beautiful people in our lives. Helpers, teachers, friends, neighbours, baby sitters, gardeners, garbage man, post-man, or even a stranger who passes by you and leaves a smile that will help you throughout an entire hard working day!But there is one group of people you can't stand, your family. Oh yes! Thats true! We may smile at a stranger and help him out or even hear him out carefully even if he doesnot have anything to do with us, but we often miss out to give a simple smile, or help or hear the ones we are the closest to!
We get so busy in our schedules and jobs and friends and mobiles, that we miss those people that make our identity.
On 1-06-2011 4:00 a.m, I realised how important a smile and little memorable moments with family are improtant. 
My sister and I drowned into our bed after the long, tiring and stressful day we both had.
She had her own office worries and I had my career tensions. She had spent her day in her office slogging her arse and I had spent my day hunting for the right job and putting in my resumes in all the possible sites to help others find me. She had got back home tired (brain-tired, sitting in an office for 10 hours aint that easy as it sounds, I now understand that). I had gotten away from the P.C with not a single mail with a good opening. We were sad and worried.
But when we laid there in the bed besides each other, a thought made us both smile, we had each other, we have mom and dad and a little baby brother. I turned and cuddled in my sister's back, she always made me warm and comfortable. She turned and hugged me back, that she rarely does. She hates me cuddling into her back, she says she cannot turn sides and that I kick her off the bed! I am sure she aint lying, there are many days I have got up and found myself conquered the entire bed and seen my sister lay on the ground as though she just fell!
The question here is why did she hug me back that night?
She had missed me.
She had missed me even though we stay together!
She knows she may have troubles with her colleagues or fights with her friends for not adjusting, but her little sister is always there, always there to hug her. She may nagg, but never leave her alone!
We spoke about our childhood that night, how we would fight and trouble mom and then steal hajmola candy (an Indian spicy candy, mostly consumed to digest food) in our night suit pockets and chew them while sleeping (I don't understand WHY we liked those?).
I heard holy stories from mom, my sister was the one who introduced me to Cinderella, Snowhite and the long haired Rapunzel.
As we spoke, she touched my hands and kept holding them, and watching them, I wondered what she thought, her eyes all teary, I asked her, "Didu what are you looking at?"
"I am looking at my little baby's hands, they are so tiny and soft, feels just like they were when you were two! I loved to put mehendi in your hands, I only had to draw a small flower, cause that was the only thing that would fit in those tiny hands, now I can add a leaf to it"
And she kissed me on my cheek, and suddenly I was all fresh and happy, I had nothing to worry about!
We missed our parents and our little baby brother alot that night.
And then to change the emotional aura that had spread around us, she picked up my new phone and started watching the amazing applications I had! She opened the calendar. I told her we could go to any date of any year and check what day it would be then. So to check if my phone followed the Mayan's calendar or not, we jumped on 1-01-2012, and YES! My phone aint the Mayan follower. So we decided to travel a bit more ahead. She entered 14/12/2019, her birthday in the year 2019!
We seen it was a Saturday.
Then what she did was hard to believe, difficult to accept and impossible to expect!
She made a note on that date, with a heading "Guess what?"
And the note said: "Dad 55 years old. Mum 50 years old. Di turns 30 today, with a kid of 2 years. kshi is 20 years old and me...(I can't believe she knew exactly what I would want to see myself doing 8 years down the line!)"
It was a beautiful way of preseving that moment. I don't know if that phone's going to last till then, especially if I use it, but I will try to takecare of it now, I have a reason :-) Even if this doesn't stay, I know what we have marked on that date, I have it here on my blog too, so I am sure this memory will never be erased.
We may grow up, get busy, fall in love, start our own family, make friends or whatever, we will always have a connection with our family. We may give up the fear of losing our parents like we have in our childhood,  the way we have woken up at the middle of the night and cried and looked around for our moms, we slowly learn how life starts and how it ends.
But believe me, somewhere in our hearts we still fear being away from our loved ones, no matter what, but we just try to sweep this feeling away behind in a corner of our heart to be strong.
Goodluck readers, I know I have a very few, but I hope I was able to convey my message to a little bunch of people in this world. So go back home and smile at your mom, dad, daughter, brother, sister son, wife or husband. Families ARE important.