Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ant in the big world

In the midst of a world full of competitions,

I'm still competing with my inner-self, trying to look for the best in me!

In the midst of a world where people are fighting to prove others wrong,

I'm fighting with myself, proving myself wrong.

Why should I be discouraged, when I know the battle hasn't even begun yet..!

In the midst of two paths, a path that would change my life forever...And a path that will only bring me regrets.

Career to me, is not just a "job". It's what I'm meant to do.

It could be anything! It could be working with an ad agency or making some feature films or working with an NGO or becoming a Journalist..!!

The list does not end here. There's a wide field open for the youngsters these days, which makes it even more confusing.

I've to make a choice this year. And it's going to be a choice between Advertisement and Journalism.

After every Advertisement lecture, I get into my college canteen, hog and go back home.

But after every Journalism lecture I go to the library, look for reference books for Journalism, read newspapers, read some good articles, look for stories, do a lot of research on them and think over and over about it to find a missing angle and research on that one as well..!!

You see, I think I'm naturally interested in Journalism.

But I'm not that spontaneous and don't have much knowledge about Politics and Sports. Two very important topics Indian Journalism deals with..!!

But the urge to do something, for not just the country, but for the world, tempts me to opt for Journalism.

But the worst part in this confusion is that my college does not provide Journalism, an option that I should have in my third year in Mass Communication.

So, even if I want to take Journalism, I'll have to change my college, which again, is next to impossible! I don't know if colleges permit admissions in the last year.

But hopefully, they will. Or I may just land up doing Advertisement and then Masters in Journalism.

Un-clear goals. Un-clear ambition. Yet smiling and ready to take challenges!

Don't know what this little ant is going to do in the huge world..!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Waiting for my Prince Charming

I’m longing to meet my prince charming.

But he never shows up!

My sister tells me to stop waiting, he’s going to appear when you least expect for him.

And then it happens.

I met a guy who likes me a lot. But BOOM. I don’t feel like dating him. Reasons are plenty (won’t bore you with them).

Most important reason: He's a good friend..!! He's probably just infactuated, or attracted but he's lost a friend in me now. And that's really sad..

Well, when I said  “WHAT THE HELL” outloud. My sister said, “Come on! You’re just 18! You still have to meet many people! There are many guys out there!”

Well in this generation, trust me, being single at the age of 18 is like dating at the age of 80!

But at least I’m not one of those girls who waste their time dating people they aren’t going to see forever. Of course, no one knows what’s kept in the future. You can’t have everything in a package, not at least in the un-predictable specie called, “Human”.

But at least you got to know whether whoever your spending resources like time, money and energy on, is really worth it.

So now am here...Still single...Not so ready to mingle...Hogging on Pringles!

But nevermind. guess Prince Charming is still preparing himself for me.

So I should also start working on myself, so that when he comes prepared, he finds me worth all his patience J

And I have missed blogging.  But I seriously don’t get very inspired these days. I feel I’m still too naive to handle something like “Blogger”. But I’m still trying to. If I’ve started this, I don’t think I should give up.

Am sure my readers are going to be welcoming my “once in 2 month blog” always. It’s too difficult to follow up when the blogger isn’t too regular, but I really need to find a solution to this.

Well and what’s new? This is new:

I’ve started reading Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook. Believe me, it’s a very romantic book. I love the quotes. But being an offspring of two very UN-romantic people, I really can’t digest how love can be felt for one another even at that old an age. Guess true love exists, but only in our imagination.

But if it's for real, I’d like it to happen to me too, just like it happened to Noah and Allie!

To conclude, why the picture?
I have watched Tangled TWICE this week. And I LOVE it.