Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Girls look like their dolls

Men always wonder why dolls are so important in a girl's life, well, here's the answer:

I heard the song “Chal Chaya Chaya”on the radio this morning and started dancing. After the song got over, the RJ took over and told his listeners that while he was busy playing this song for us, he was also dancing just like Shahrukh in his studio!

But when he said he danced just like him, I realised I did not! I was busy shaking my hips moving around the house taking tiny steps, like I was been made to dance after inserting a battery!

We all girls have had a Hula Doll with us...And we’ve always looked at her dance and copied her steps. I have been away from my Hula girl for about 14 years (I guess), but I still remember exactly how she danced and moved!
My Princess Doll

Well, the doll in the picture isn’t the Hula girl I’m talking about. She’s the Princess Doll. She was brought to me on my 13th birthday by my papa (Thank you Papa :-*)!
Since I was in a boarding School then, she decided to stay back here in my house. And I seconded her decision ‘cause in Barnes, girls would’ve destroyed her face and her hair (They would never do that to their own dolls! Would only put make up on their poor faces and make bindis on their foreheads.) I also believe that someday I’m going to marry someone and walk down the aisle with my papa wearing a dress just like hers!

This is what a doll means to a girl!

She is her sister to whom she can put a lot of makeup and some bindis to.

She is her dance teacher.

She is the sculptured form of parent’s love for their daughter.

She’s been given to a daughter after saying things like, “She looks like YOU! :D”

So she also makes her feel beautiful and like a princess.

Someday, she helps a girl plan her wedding dress...

I‘m also sure that she’s the one who reminds you about the little princess in you when you are burdened with responsibilities as you grow up and start bringing your daughter’s dolls!

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