Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Guardian angel..

The best feeling is when your little brother holds you tight like a protective man at 2 in the night when your shivering with cold, no matter how much hes beaten you up the entire day! I dont think the feeling of protection, or sense of security always HAS 2 come in a hierarchial order! I got my part of feeling of protection from my baby brother, some may get from their son, it isnt nessecary that all women find this feeling in their partners! :)
I call my little darling brother as my gaurdian angel, he aint got wings but he got a pure heart, hes too small to understand the difference between good and the evil. Evil according to me is nothing else but species known as 'humans'! He will learn as he grows. And trust me, its amazing to see him grow!
Its nice to see how he learns to share chocolates with me, unlike before when he hid them away so that i wont finnish them all!
Its nice to see how he comes back home with a huge bundle of homework and requests me to help him out with it!
Its even more amazing to see his fingernails grow everytime I see him after a year, since i stay in India with my sister and he stays in Dubai with my parents.
Every year theres an excitment to see him an inch taller than before.
And the next year!  Hes gonna make it to my height, well thats not a very difficult job, his short sister is too easy to be challenged! But to me it surely matters to see this little guy shoot up so fast.
And now I cant write much about anything! He aint letting me make my blog! DISTRACTION!

Goodbye guys!
Hope you too realise your guardian angel, whose around you somewhere, looking after you in little things in life and teaches you many different things. I could be an angel for him, just the way he is to me. But thats what I learnt and realised this week.


  1. What a lovely blog post. Families are very important. :)

  2. Thankyou Annie :D
    I am really glad to see your comment.

    And yes families ARE very important.
    God bless you and yours :)


  3. I enjoyed reading your very beautiful post. Having such a loving sister I am sure your little brother sees you as his guardian angel as well. Good luck and best wishes for a happy future.

  4. What a lovely post about family!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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