Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Siblings' is that how you call a bully?!

I was doing the dishes last evening to help mom out with a little of her tough schedule, when I heard my baby brother's soft baby voice "Khushu, what ale you doing?".
His lisp alone make me go bonkers! And his voice can hypnotise me to that extend, that i cant stop kissing his yummy cheeks!
And then I hear him say "will you do my hom-muck? i am vely shleepy!" and thats it, as if I have got instant instructions! Even though I know I have heard the voice of a bully pretending to be my soft sweet baby brother, I dont mind believing him. I finished the dishes as soon as i could and slowly grabbed his tiny books and solved his math problems and his comprehensions.
And when I returned to his room with an expectation to see my angel cuddled in his blanket with an innocent face, the T.V's light bleamed in my eyes making me stunned with all kinds of men holding guns and killing other people! And theres my brother with a Play Station controller in his hands, hair all messed, jumping on the bed, look of a dragon on his little face!

 And there i was standing with his books in my hands and wondering if its the same baby who came to me a few minutes back and requested me to complete his homework?!
Yeah thats the strategy no.1- Go to your elder sister and use the best excuse you have to not sit and do your work and yeah, dont forget to lisp and give her the yummiest portion of your face to bite, and YOUR work, is all HERS!

My brother's a genius. Hes not just a baby, not just an actor! He's got a tear tap! Tear tap ON! And you know your home work's done by someone else! And theres a bonus price on this strategy : homework + cadbury! Aint that awesum?!

3rd strategy: Sit with ALL your books (even though you dont have work from all of those subjects), you can always take help from your previous year's books to make a huger pile!
Call your sister in your room, make a puppy face and ask her to help you out with a little of your huge bundle of work, make sure your polite and dont forget to mention your not going to waste alot of her time and that your making her do just a bit of your work, the rest still lays on your tiny shoulders, later it doesnt even matter if you give ALL your work to her to complete! Cause shes never going to know. But while doing this little act of evilness. Make sure your mom aint around or you know exactly whats going to happen next!

When you hear your little devil say he wants to go and give the cat some milk or he wants go throw the garbbage instead of you or runs around behind you pretending hes trying to help you out in your work! Dont be stupid to not know his intensions. JUST RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Cause this little devil will help you with the house hold by just shifting a t.v remote from one place to another but in return, will suck all your energy and ask you to make stupid flower diagrams in his science note book!

Run away somewhere far far away when the tiny child falls sick in the house! Cause when he falls sick, he wont go to school for weeks.
And when he wont go to school for weeks, hes obviously going to miss out on a plenty of work!
And since hes too weak to do all his work and since your parents know they got work to do and your come home on your vaccations!
The world will turn their faces against you! And your left alone in a room with a huge pile of work to do and your so called 'angel' is sitting watching 'Mr.Bean animated series' and laughing his arse out and your mom and dad enjoying the pleasure of having an elder daughter as a great help!
OFCOURE IT IS A MISERABLE SITUATION TO SIT AND WRITE 1x1=1, 2x2=4, 3x3=9 INSTEAD OF CHATTING WITH YOUR FREINDS ONLINE! Now dats what I call as the 5th strategy to get your homework done and you know whats the best thing about this strategy? you get to OFFICIALLY

Aah...did you just forget that he knows all your secrets?!
And did you ever imagine your so called 'best freind-cum-little brother' is going to ever blackmail you that he'll reveal all your secrets in front of EVERYONE!
Oh gosh no! He aint BLACKMAILING you! Hes just getting his hom-muck done!

Theres a world full of bully brothers, some elder brothers bully their baby sisters and some are strong and smart enough to bully their elder sisters! We wont miss out sisters in that matter. I have been lucky-cum-unlucky to be bullyied from all means! Theres my little brother in one corner with his eyes on me to throw all his work on me and theres my awesum elder sister ready to give me her cute smile and takes an awesum hair oil massage in return!
But theres a reason I mentioned 'lucky-cum-unlucky' in my previous para!
I may be unlucky to be both my sibling's target! But am lucky to get those wonderful kisses after doing everything and to get those love notes they make for me not just on my birthdays but anytime they wish to make me feel special!
When my baby brother holds me tight and tells me not to be scared of that little cockroach that may have scared him to death and when my sister stands besides me like a warrior to fight anyone whose troubled me at school, supportive as always, makes me know I have got my piece of price I deserve.


  1. Hehehe, he sure has you wrapped around his little finger.

  2. Funny post! Look of the dragon ... very funny. I think I might have been like this as a kid with my older brothers and sister. :)
    Visiting from Weekend Rewind.

  3. this was GR8, i may say!
    more of a informative essay for elder siblings (Hahah!)
    Keep writing.


  4. classic manipulation - they learn it so young!! nice work.


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