Monday, May 9, 2011

Lady Mama better than Gaga ;)

I am trying to teach myself a few important things.
But I forget about them very soon.
I land up doing either the same mistakes, or worse than them.
Good that I have people who forgive me all the time. I cant imagine my life without 'forgiveness'
I guess Someone great made this feeling just for people like me. Cause I need forgiveness ALL THE TIME man!

When am doing something wrong, I know am doing it wrong, I can hear my heart say "DONT DO IT KHUSHBU, YOUR MAKING A MISTAKE" I still have the audacity to go ahead and do it! And then when am proved wrong. I cry and ask for forgiveness. And how sweet of people who are nice enough to say "Its ok sweetheart!"

Like for example, I collected the washed clothes from the balcony today, walked in happily, joyfully, listening to hip-hop tracks playing in my 'awesum-mood' playlist!

My mom gave me a dead stare!

She doesnt appreciate me working-listening to music-singing-dancing together, she believes I dont work with whole concentration and I tend to spoil the broth! Which I know I would do any which ways, am not a 'perfectionist' like my mom or Amir khan, niether am I a 'hygiene freak', again, like my mom.

My heart told me "Khushbu, you know she doesnt like it, why do you wanna take a risk?"

Ignorant bit of my behaviour told me "Its ok man! Why to worry so much?! Oooowww keep on dancing till the world ends, world ends, world ends!"
I did'nt know 'not listening to mom' is going to fire back at me so fast!

Something did warn me, but I ignored it. And now was the time to pay for it!


I would have picked it up and acted normal and never told her about the MAJOR incident that happend with her kerchief.

Yes, I would have felt really sad when she would have carried it along with her the next day, thinking shes carried her 'amazingly hygienic' handkerchief, which shes washed with so much care, unknown to the fact that it has been fallen on the floor, which too maybe swept and swabbed with more amount of concentration from her 'stock of concentration towards her work'.But she would have never known about it.

But seems I was sure to face chips today.
I dropped it right in front of her eyes!
Gosh, How I wish It didn't fall while I was passing by the kitchen door!
How I wish She dint pay attention!
How would she do that?!
She pays attention to every activity that happens around her!

My expression was the reflection of all the crises I knew was going to follow this incident.
Everything seemed so terrible at that moment.
I wished I had a time-machine some where in my house, and I could just catch the kerchief before it touched the forbidden floor!

But obviously I was not that lucky.

So now, I have created problems for myself.

I will never be able to hear music while doing anything.

Shes has confesticated my ear phones!

I am in grief.

Now I cant hear music even when am taking a shower. I have lost the freedom to hear music!

But I have a solution to this.

Where there's tears, there's always a way!

I will walk like a zombie, talk like a zombie and show how sad I am and then in the next 12 hours mom's gonna come to me, kiss me, give me a nice hug, and tell me how important it is to pay attention to 1 thing at a time, and then I will apologise, and after an hour i will go to her and tell her how much I need my ear phones.

Who still thinks I aint gonna get those electronic equipments that make my life better and worse at times, when I totally dedicate my time to them.

But I am trying to learn things from her. I am sure am I going to grow up a 'hygiene freak' just like her!
No doubts about that!

Thanks to the Lady Mama, whose way better than Gaga. Lame joke, but very true.

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  1. I think you are already like your mom you have an excellent sense of hygiene


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