Friday, May 27, 2011

Letter of apology.

"My Dear friend,
        People think its very difficult handling real relationships, like families, lovers or marriage whereas friendship is SO much more simpler. But I don't think so.
All relationships are equally difficult to handle.
Today, I know I got you really freaked at me.
And trust me I may not understand how your feeling about it.
But I know I hurt you.
And I never meant to do it, I wish I could prove that to you!
But don't forget you've fought with me the same way loads of times (giggles)!
You've hurt me too.
But slowly things go off well.
And am happy we push these things behind us and walk together again.
Untill now I thought my family members are the only people who I can never actually lose my temper on! Small fights are OK, but i will never ever THROW my anger on them!
But you won't believe,
I was going through alot of rough time till yesturday.
I was having arguments with my sister back-to-back!
On stupid issues.
But bad fights!
I felt she didn't give me enough time. Then yesturday she took an off from work, and trust me, everything was back to fun! We watched movies and ate and slept, acted like total ogres, but spent all our time with each other.

I couldn't believe we were fighting so bad just a day back! The fights that we had, was enough for a couple to break-up (lucky we are sisters)!
There was also a time when I put the blanket over my head and didn't wanna hear anything from her, even though she was crying and needed to talk to me so bad (I know, SO mean).
Thats when I realised,
Every single relationship is the same!
And its upto us whether or not to continue living in it, whether we give up or not, even after knowing the flaws and vices in the other person.
This is what I learnt today.
Never give up on me my friend, I know I make mistakes, TERRIBLE ones.
And I know you too can make some, ok wait, maybe many (grinning).
But there will be a day when we can have fun again!
Just like my sister and I did.
So never give up on me my friend, you know I love you.
I will wait for your reply, so next time you grabb your mom's lappy from her, do mail me back.
And lets plan for a movie man! I am hell bored! What do think about 'Fast and furious 5'? ;-) "


  1. Hey Khush!!!!woaa....First things first:):) I love the new look of ur blog:) very simple and beautiful:) How did you do all the collecting of pics?? do temme:) and was a pleasure reading this post of urs dear..and waah yaar..matlab tu ek bhi train miss nahi karti?? kudos to ur add each other at FB?? Are u there?

  2. Haha! Hey Akriti! I am so happy that you liked my post and damn happy that you liked my blog's new look, gosh that was a pain, but am so glad to see it, I open my blog all the time to just admire this :P, so your compliment actually means alot! :P And YES! Mai EK bhi train nahi miss karti hahahha! I AM on facebook :)
    Khushbu Domadia, will wait for the request :-)
    Bye and Takecare
    And yes, i'll tell you about how to make such pics and stuff when I meet you online :P :)

  3. Hello, Khush!My first visit, will visit you again. Wonderful post!Congrats for your work. Thanks for sharing! Have a fabulous week.Greetings!

  4. Hey Nelson, Thankyou so much to stop by and read my post and I am happy you liked it! Hope you have a fabulous week too :-)

  5. Hi Khush, nicely put apology. You are so right every relationship is Fragile and requires those in it to give it 110% of their effort.
    Thanks for the comment on my Perfect room. Once again you are right I love being in the forest! Let me know if your mom gets her forest room.I wish I could visit Indian I bet it is beautiful.
    have a great day.

  6. Hi Khush. a Good Letter. a Nice Apology. a Letter for Friends who are in Dispute.
    keep Writing!


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