Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yeah I am missing my mommy!
I flew back to the Indian territory last night, Yeah I actually used the public transport that helps you fly back to your country (god bless air-planes). Many people from Mumbai and Sharjah must have wished on me, and said hi to me, I know, but for the first time I didn't wanna ask them "whats up!".
I already knew the answer ofcourse! My sister was jumping on the airport when she saw me coming! She had missed me, yes! I too did! But now she has to go to the office, much against her wishes, so now that am here, sitting in the house, hunting for a job, and sitting all stressed, I am missing mom making a cup of tea, that would be better than all the juices I would drink here! I am missing mom's head massage! That would beat even the best of the Thailand therapies!
Oh! I am SO grateful to you moma!
I love you!
Waiting for you to come soon and meet me! :(
I had made this video a year back, during one of my projects, when I was asked to make a profile on the person you look upto, an idol, who other than your mommy would make the best idol for you, yeah?!
Who else thinks their mom's their idol?
What's the best thing you love about YOUR mommy-pie?!


  1. What a beautiful tribute! Wonderful the choice of photos and music. I love your description of the role of a mother. I grew up without a mother, but hope that I have been the type of mother your video describes. You are blessed to have a mother that accepts that role, cherish her.

  2. too good, amazing,... a grief of being away, and love awaiting the glimpse, one needs to feel the writer... gr8..

    do visit if time permits


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