Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogging is 4D! Nothing like ever before!

I see things, I like, I go capture it in a cam!
I like a perfume, I like, I carry it home in my shopping bag!
I hear a good song, I like, I buy the Album!
I want to say something I like, I say it!
I want to eat something good, I like, I eat it!

But how do I express how I feel with people all around the world?

Ofcourse there are many of ways of doing that, and different people opt for different ways of communicating with others.

Well I opt for sitting on the net and BLOGGING!

I am a student, I dont work, neither do I have kids to worry my soul out, And I am luckily single, hate to see the way my friends fall in love so fast and drop out of love faster than that!(You can never fall OUT of love, maybe they are just infatuated) ANYWAYS
My dad always has a question in his 'engineer' brains, "Why do you need to BLOG and why do need to tell the whole world about stuff? "

And there the little rat in my brain starts running on the wheel fast!

I answer to the 'science brain' in the most 'creative' manner!

"When I capture a picture, it may say a lot of things in itself, different people may have different opinions about it. How would I explain what I want to say about the picture, and what made me put up my cam and click that picture?

3D is only 3D. Writing can be 4D! I can write how I felt seeing something!
When I smell something, I cannot capture it anywhere but in my writings! I can explain the way I smell something through words.

And to your second question dad, If I dont blog my thoughts, I am missing out on meeting many people of similar thoughts! And the only people I will know in this world will be the small bunch of friends I hang out with and just my family. Reading others blog helps me learn about things I have never heard of! How much will I learn and grow if I dont do that?!

Theres a huge world out there! Its fun to see how people all around the world can see these little things I post, I feel good, just the way I used to feel when you, mom and all my teachers used to praise me even for my scribbled stuff I called ART!"


  1. Great post. You've captured well what I love about blogging. :-)

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  2. creativity itself is an art and you have gone a long way ina sort span... to express to make others feel is not so easy, it takes a lot for a writer to be more innocent while penning the whole picture for the reader to seat in that particular frame and have a glimpse of what the writer is about to brief.

    all posts are very nice,


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