Friday, June 3, 2011

Families ARE important.

We always meet different beautiful people in our lives. Helpers, teachers, friends, neighbours, baby sitters, gardeners, garbage man, post-man, or even a stranger who passes by you and leaves a smile that will help you throughout an entire hard working day!But there is one group of people you can't stand, your family. Oh yes! Thats true! We may smile at a stranger and help him out or even hear him out carefully even if he doesnot have anything to do with us, but we often miss out to give a simple smile, or help or hear the ones we are the closest to!
We get so busy in our schedules and jobs and friends and mobiles, that we miss those people that make our identity.
On 1-06-2011 4:00 a.m, I realised how important a smile and little memorable moments with family are improtant. 
My sister and I drowned into our bed after the long, tiring and stressful day we both had.
She had her own office worries and I had my career tensions. She had spent her day in her office slogging her arse and I had spent my day hunting for the right job and putting in my resumes in all the possible sites to help others find me. She had got back home tired (brain-tired, sitting in an office for 10 hours aint that easy as it sounds, I now understand that). I had gotten away from the P.C with not a single mail with a good opening. We were sad and worried.
But when we laid there in the bed besides each other, a thought made us both smile, we had each other, we have mom and dad and a little baby brother. I turned and cuddled in my sister's back, she always made me warm and comfortable. She turned and hugged me back, that she rarely does. She hates me cuddling into her back, she says she cannot turn sides and that I kick her off the bed! I am sure she aint lying, there are many days I have got up and found myself conquered the entire bed and seen my sister lay on the ground as though she just fell!
The question here is why did she hug me back that night?
She had missed me.
She had missed me even though we stay together!
She knows she may have troubles with her colleagues or fights with her friends for not adjusting, but her little sister is always there, always there to hug her. She may nagg, but never leave her alone!
We spoke about our childhood that night, how we would fight and trouble mom and then steal hajmola candy (an Indian spicy candy, mostly consumed to digest food) in our night suit pockets and chew them while sleeping (I don't understand WHY we liked those?).
I heard holy stories from mom, my sister was the one who introduced me to Cinderella, Snowhite and the long haired Rapunzel.
As we spoke, she touched my hands and kept holding them, and watching them, I wondered what she thought, her eyes all teary, I asked her, "Didu what are you looking at?"
"I am looking at my little baby's hands, they are so tiny and soft, feels just like they were when you were two! I loved to put mehendi in your hands, I only had to draw a small flower, cause that was the only thing that would fit in those tiny hands, now I can add a leaf to it"
And she kissed me on my cheek, and suddenly I was all fresh and happy, I had nothing to worry about!
We missed our parents and our little baby brother alot that night.
And then to change the emotional aura that had spread around us, she picked up my new phone and started watching the amazing applications I had! She opened the calendar. I told her we could go to any date of any year and check what day it would be then. So to check if my phone followed the Mayan's calendar or not, we jumped on 1-01-2012, and YES! My phone aint the Mayan follower. So we decided to travel a bit more ahead. She entered 14/12/2019, her birthday in the year 2019!
We seen it was a Saturday.
Then what she did was hard to believe, difficult to accept and impossible to expect!
She made a note on that date, with a heading "Guess what?"
And the note said: "Dad 55 years old. Mum 50 years old. Di turns 30 today, with a kid of 2 years. kshi is 20 years old and me...(I can't believe she knew exactly what I would want to see myself doing 8 years down the line!)"
It was a beautiful way of preseving that moment. I don't know if that phone's going to last till then, especially if I use it, but I will try to takecare of it now, I have a reason :-) Even if this doesn't stay, I know what we have marked on that date, I have it here on my blog too, so I am sure this memory will never be erased.
We may grow up, get busy, fall in love, start our own family, make friends or whatever, we will always have a connection with our family. We may give up the fear of losing our parents like we have in our childhood,  the way we have woken up at the middle of the night and cried and looked around for our moms, we slowly learn how life starts and how it ends.
But believe me, somewhere in our hearts we still fear being away from our loved ones, no matter what, but we just try to sweep this feeling away behind in a corner of our heart to be strong.
Goodluck readers, I know I have a very few, but I hope I was able to convey my message to a little bunch of people in this world. So go back home and smile at your mom, dad, daughter, brother, sister son, wife or husband. Families ARE important.



  1. emotions galore... wow, really so nice, you are turely an artisan that can make words and feels evolce around each word you write on yur blog...

    am in dubai and try to reach as many country fellows just to feel the warmth by thier post just to make my self sure that yes, we indians are still very human, with all emotions, feels, cries, smiles,... we have not made ourself material in this ugly world...

    THIS POST IN PARTICULAR will help all who reads to evaluate their own courses of life...

    GREAT,.... and yaaa.. a hug makes a lot of diffference,.... :)

  2. read A HUMAN on ma blog when time permits, i have tried to present a physical human and a human soul in a very different stroke...

  3. Wow! I am so struck by your post! How true your words are! I am also trying to teach my kids how important family is and that when you move on in life from your friends now, your family will still be there - your best friends. I love that they are realizing this and love each other.

    How neat that you and your sister could connect like that! That will be a source of comfort and warmth forever. I love the part about her now being able to fit in a flower and a leaf.

    So you are 12? Is my math correct? Because you are going to be a writer when you grow up. You have such feeling in this post and are so eloquent. Keep up the great work at being you!

  4. That was beautiful..that sisterly connection is always there with a bit of love and care! Have a great week.

  5. Family is always to be treasured and sister-love is the best kind of all. x

  6. Ah, you're so right - family is vital to everything. And Maxabella is right...

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro. Your link wasn't quite right, but I managed to track you down!

  7. hey hiee....will read this post of urs soon:) and hey have tagged u here..pls read..:)

  8. Hello, yes, sisters are very lovely. My little girl has three brothers and no sisters at all... poor soul....

  9. it was so touching!
    I have my own elder sister !
    and TRUST me I know what its really like to be with them around !
    love ur family no matter what & ALWAYS !
    for every lil thing they do !
    can never be replaced with tons of money or a luxurious product in your old age !
    but surely d memories and love will ! :)
    keep up mate =)
    i loved it !

  10. :-) Thankyou SO much Dipti.
    Your right, love you family no matter what! :-)


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