Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grateful to heart-breaks!

Heart-break. Sounds like a destructive, devastating, shattering etc. etc. word in itself right?
Feels like your standing on a cliff watching yourself falling from high above puncturing your puny body and no-one cares to save you, isn’t it?
But what if you find a way to build a bridge to the other mountain ranges that could help you? What if this bridge was the only way to reach there? Would you thank yourself to be standing on this cliff? Would you still be hurt and fallen apart when you know there’s still a way?
Well I would opt to climb on the bridge and discover if I have a way out of the maze of mountains. I would risk walking on the broken bridge. Risk if even I see logs of wood from the bridge falling deep in the rocks below! I may fall down, but at least my heart would know I tried, instead of sitting on a cliff crying.
If I reach to the other side, I wouldn’t give up on trying to find my way out, or fund my way to a new beginning.
 I may land up standing on a cliff again!
But wait. There may be another bridge.
Every broken-heart calls for a bridge, and every bridge leads to the other side of the problem or the obstacle. The more bridges on your heart, the more you are capable of finding solutions to your problems.
I have taken up heart breaks as a challenge, a beginning, and a small gap in my journey of life. If I will sit and wait for help, I may waste off my entire life, but if opt to use the bridge, I may reach closer to my destination, but at least I would be closer, and won’t be regretting.

So heart-breaks are my bridges to the other beautiful lane of my journey. They give me strength and make me wiser. So I will welcome them, just as I welcome love!
Love will find me someday, or I may find love, when I will cross the bridge, waiting will only show my sunsets and sunrises. A heart-break will help me through my journey.

The Journey continues...


  1. I know u so very well !
    thats d real spirit !
    we might never know if we do not try !
    difficulties either make u or break u !
    the choice is yours ! ;)

  2. Yes Dipti! Your right :-)
    Thankyou so much for your comment. It means alot to me. <3

  3. touchy, expressive and inteligent, word inteligent is coz.... i know the author will understand... :)

    read, "echoes...within" when time permits.

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  5. Excellent!!! Strongly Recommended!!!
    but,I think, Heart-Break, not only in case of love, it could be any thing.
    Nice work, Khush.
    Keep Filling the Pages.

  6. You are so right! By crossing that bridge, you have gained a better view of what's ahead and the direction you should be travelling in. Very profound thought, (for a 12 year old ☺, hee, hee, just kidding!) Loved this.


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