Saturday, June 18, 2011

Power puff moment!

Today was my FIRST day of my SECOND year in college.
I woke up with “All the single ladies” alarm, may be just because it’s the loudest song I got in my phone.
I got all dressed, met up with a friend and carried a short journey to college.
It was nice going to college after many days, especially travelling in the local trains and rickshaws but somehow something HAS to go wrong, could there ever be a perfect day? In fact the most im-perfect days become your ‘fantastic-perfectly-awesome’ days, for e.g.: I had mine when I spent my
‘crowning moment’ (as Melanie my blogger-friend calls it) with my sister.
So the little bad thing that happened was that I got into wrong bus. It isn’t that simple as it may sound, I literally had to walk my way to college. And that’s not good
J especially if it happens on your very first day!
Anyways, through-out the lectures, it was FUN. I was once again the joke-cracker of my class, who got people (friends, class-mates, teachers, obviously these are the people expected in a class! Silly me) into a kind of laugh that makes your stomach sour and your cheek pain.
I was enjoying all of this after a damn long time.

I also put an end to the ‘ill-treatment’ I was given in the class. Oh yes! There are these evil guys of my class who tend to annoy a girl to make fun out of it and have a great laughter troubling her and you just stand there thinking they just want to be friends with you, NO! They are just being there to have fun, so get out and tell them, “THAT’s ENOUGH”.
And that’s what I did!
My crowning moment!
 I was 1st attacked by this very leader of the ‘gang’ of troublesome guys. He pulled off my hair bow!
 I mean WHY?
Can’t you just stand like 2 feet away from me and still crack a joke and make others laugh?
Not that I am a stupid kind of a girl who thinks it aint right for a  guy to get touchy and stuff, obviously it’s wrong, but I am friendly, I don’t think that’s a bad thing to do, but there’s a difference between ‘humour’ and ‘bullying’.
If you’re a humorous person you may just laugh in a manner that may make plenty others hold their tummies, but if you’re a bully, you’re going to make a bunch of people laugh, a few other think you’re absolutely un-civilised and some people cry, of-course the VICTIM in this case.
So I decided to put a stop to this non-sense. I gave a dead stare to ‘leader’ of the ‘gang’ and there, my hair bow was in my hair again and not in his filthy hands.
So all the little girls like me who are reading me, or all the mommies or daddies of girlies reading me in here make sure your daughter isn’t getting bullied by such bunch of awfully-use for nothing-boys. But there aint no need to take care, they will themselves, as they grow up.
But a few need your hand and help.
So to the girls, don’t be the victim (not that am advising you to be the bully instead, but be the one people would never dare to bully!)
And when they say, “don’t tell mom about this little issue, they get worried for no reason”, that’s when you need to go back home and tell your mom about what went wrong.
You never know, this was a little case of hair band, but there are BAD situations when you NEED to speak to your parents.  I have faced these kind off little issues all the time with the same guys. So I had to do something about it.
And parents reading me please don’t make your baby talk to your hand!
You will never make them comfortable if you tell them, “Go away, and don’t get these little issues to me!”
I am sure not many do this, lucky my parents never made these evil statements to me, but I know my friends who have never been able to be friends with their parents for this very reason.

So I got my ‘crowning moment’ today, felt like a Power puff girl, with no extra ingredient like chemical X!
I hope some other girls anywhere and every-where in this world too gets the same chance, but even if you don’t, you always have your ‘The Incredible’ family along!

That’s all for today. Goodnight dear world, I am still on my way reaching you. The journey is going to be never ending. Yet I will travel. You MAKE me travel!

And thank you Mel for the
‘Crowning moment’ blog hop <3



  1. You are awesome! What an empowering experience, a definite "crowning moment!" I love your words of advice and hope that someday when my little girls grow up and may experience being a victim, (hopefully it will never happen, but if it does,) they can stand up for themselves. Until then, I will definitely be right there to do it for them if the need arises. And thank you so much for linking to me and joining my hop!

  2. Great post!
    Have a happy start to the new week x

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  4. VERY GOOD advice for today's generation !
    I exactly can feel & understand you !
    few guys really don't know how to respect girls !
    anyway very well written !


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