Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am wearing three crowns on my half bald head!

Such alot happening these days.
Lectures, house-keeping, fun with freinds, reading and so busy that I couldn't be very active on Blogger. I apologise for that.
I have realised my previous blog was filled with alot of gibberish. Though it was about my 'Powerpuff moment', but my language wasn't that great.
So I am planning to work on my grammar and writing skills. I have to learn to be crisp and clear, and stop running around the mulberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry bushes.
I also have put 'reading' in my daily priority, as it is said, the more you read, the more you write well.
Blogging has already helped me work on my writing alot. Thankyou Blogger.

Now's my time to write about my crowing moment this week.
The very first crowning moment is right now, at this very moment. I have managed to spare some time from the busy schedule and  have tried been very loyal to Melanie and her new 'crowning moment' blog-hop, cause she has made this for all of us here, inspite of being WAY more busier than me (obviously. 6 kids! My mom finds it difficult to handle 3!) Haha!

My second crowning moment this week was in the train on my way to college, and I got up to make space for an old lady to sit. She was standing since a long time and was looking for a place to sit. There were many young girls like me, sitting, but all were busy, either listening to their i-pods or reading novels.
I smiled at the lady when I got up, and asked her to sit. She was carrying a heavy bag.
She never smiled back.
I don't know if she was grateful to my little act of kindness. But I am sure all the girls around me learnt something that day. I wouldn't expect the lady to be grateful, sometimes you're just happy doing something for some-one even without expecting an appreciation. Or who knows, she may have uploaded 'I am grateful to the kind girl in the train' at Maxabella's 'I am grateful for blog-hop' Hehe.

Am the stupid girl in red and my pretty freind in pink!
And the paddle-pop umbrella!
I am grateful to the old news-paper man who kept my umbrella safe with him after I forgot it in his stall while buying the daily newspaper and a good magazine with 'How to catch a guys attention in 10 days' on its cover. Luckily I did not give up on finding it and went looking for it (maybe another crowning moment) when I actually found this man smiling at me from a distance and I was sure it said, "Haha, careless little girl! It's with me, but am not going to tell you unless you remember you left it here with me". So I ran upto him and asked him for it.
My beautiful paddle-pop umbrella was back in hands.
Here's the picture of it. And that's my freind, Dipti. Just as short as I am, just as fat as I am, just as sweet as I am (so we flock together!)

The last and the best thing that became my crowning moment was when I wished a bus driver a very good morning with a huge smile and very sweetly he dropped me closer to my college, to make it simpler for me. Am sure after my sugar coated "good morning" I deserved it!

Have a great weekend!

P.S - I am not bald. Just suffering through hair-loss. Going to try Loreal shampoo and conditioner. Hope it works. If it does, I promise to be grateful for it in the coming week!


  1. A little smile wouldn't have hurt her in reply, would it? I think you deserved a little smile.

    I hope you don't go bald! Hairloss can be tough. Actually, I have so much hair that I look forward to losing a little, but I hear it can be tough! x

  2. haha i loved the newspaperwala part xD
    awesome work! improving bit by bit hah!
    anyways i've always wanted to follow an amazing BLOGGER :)

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  4. You are too sweet. Try saying this several times out loud:

    Hey Old Lady where's my friggin thank you?

    Doesn't that feel good? Say it with New Youk additude. Practice makes perfect!
    joeh - the cranky old man

  5. hehe thats nice :)
    ur umbrella was not only LUCKY 'once' but 'twice'... :P (hope u rem ? ) :x
    thanks 4 uploading my piccha !
    we look cute 2gether ! <3
    P.S ur writing has improved A LOT ;)
    I felt it from the first line.. so, keep up ;-)

  6. You are a doll and a half. Thank you so much for the compliment! I love that you added this to my hop. You truly shine! And, your writing is great. I love to hear the accent in there.

    Maybe the train lady was blind? Just remember, any good act never goes unnoticed. You are right that the other girls on the bus probably will get up for someone in need of a seat next time; the lady will probably be in a better mood when she gets off the bus which will make her children happier and maybe she'll fix a better dinner for her husband which will keep their marriage intact; you had another "crowning moment" to add to your post; God is smiling on you!

    And finally, I'll bet your bus driver gets plenty of scowls and frowns and your sunshiney smile made his week.

    And finally, I love the picture of you and Dipti. So glad you got your lovely umbrella back. I think that you and your friend are so beautiful.

    Thanks for being such an influence for good.

  7. Love your post Khush, and think your writing has a special charm! I am sure your kindness left it's imprint on each of the recipients. I will bet the newspaper man was thinking "Yay, here she comes, I was hoping she would remember so I would get to see her cute smile again."
    You and dipti are both beautiful and it looks to me that you are also both the perfect size. As for the hair loss, if there isn't some medical reason for it you should try to take a few moments each day to just relax as stress can cause hair loss. When I get overly stressed my hair starts to fall out. So I take a step back and find ways to relax and my hair stays on my head.
    Have a great week!


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