Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Mr. Happy and Mr. Positive.

This week it rained.
I am sure you must be thinking what a big deal it would be if it rained huh?
It rains cats and dogs in most places this season. So what’s the need to think over it an entire week? Or why do I need to be grateful about any of it?

What do you do when it rains heavily when you’re outside? Open your umbrellas and protect yourself.
But I am sure you still get drenched.
Isn’t it beautiful?

What do you do when it rains heavily when you’re INSIDE the house? Open all your curtains and enjoy the scenery. Right? (Or am I talking to the aliens who love to shut the windows and curtains and hate that view?! )

Even in the darkest of the nights or days (when the rain- clouds have conquered the sky), you stay warm and protected in your house.

What do you think I am grateful for? Is it the rains?

Yes, I am grateful to rains.

But I am even more grateful to the house that has protected me. 

I don't know whose house is this. If any-one saying, "MINE!", nice house!

All of us have beautiful houses where we live.  Do not include mine in those. Mine WAS beautiful and WILL BE beautiful when mommy comes to rescue it. Right now, it’s a junkyardJ. 

Yet it’s warm and it’s MY place of messing up things and MY secret place of hiding out of rains. I am grateful because I wondered how it would be if it rained and I had to take cover in a cave like Tom Hanks had to in ‘Cast away’.

I walked home this week every-day from college in a hurry to get home.

I saw people running and taking cover under little shops. I noticed not the ones who had forgotten their umbrellas at home, but those who actually didn’t have anywhere else to go.

I feel too young, power-less and help-less when I think there are people who don’t have a house to live in.
But do you know what makes them stronger than me?  Their power of positive thinking.
Some vegetable sellers in the market sit with their umbrellas. Lucky them! They got an umbrella to sit under. Their one and only blanket to cover their wives’, kids and their own bodies. Right?

 I know a man who lives in this ‘style’.
When-ever I go to buy vegetables from him, he looks at me and gives me a very cute smile and always tells me to teach him how to speak in English. He tells me he wants to become a teacher when he goes back to his village when he’s sold enough vegetables. He wants to teach the children maths and some basics of English. (Maybe he just wants to show-off amongst the people there! He laughed when I asked him if he wants to show-off, I take it as a YES!)

I don’t know his name. But I call him ‘Bhaiya’ (Brother). And you can call him Mr. Happy J (he has a beautiful smile)

I am also grateful to something else this week.

When you open your window, you sense the breeze touch your body and feel the cold little droplets on your skin and the amazing smell of the wet sand! Don’t you?
Isn’t it amazing the way you feel the rain touch your hands when you put them out of the window?

I know a man who may not get to enjoy these feelings, but he’s way more happier than what any of us could be.

Dear friends,

I take this opportunity to introduce myself; my name is Girish Gogia, I am an interior designer by profession, still continuing with my projects with a GREATER ZEAL, now on a mission to spread the Magic of “POSITIVE THINKING”.

In the year 2000, I was at a beach in Goa to usher in the millennium. A confident ocean swimmer that I was, one miscalculated dive, changed my life completely. I am completely paralyzed neck downwards due to a cervical spinal cord injury. I wondered why I was chosen for such a fate. WHY ME??

In spite of all the adversities and the trying times, I didn’t allow hope to cease.

I realized that “nothing was impossible” it was all about the indomitable spirit & mind over matter.

Every person in this world is sent with a MOTIVE. My motive is to spread “the magic of positive thinking and happiness.” Life is God’s wonderful creation. It’s all about learning and moving on. We all should promise to live life to the fullest. With POSITIVE THINKING I regained my confidence and learned “to look life in the face.” Life is like a LAMP, & POSITIVE THINKING is the OIL. If the oil gets exhausted, the lamp goes off.!!”

I do not know him personally. But all I know about him is that, he is a very positive man. And it shows in his efforts he has made to create ‘positive thinking’ in the minds of people. One of his videos have been made by his favorite young guy and girl who helps him collect his thoughts and put them into words and makes movies. They also happen to be my class-mates, and very good friends, Bhavya and Ayesha. Through whom I got to know Mr. Gogia better. It is right here. Watch the video to know more about what he thinks about positive thinking.

He calls himself THE POSITIVE MAN OF INDIA. And we can call him Mr. Positive

so are you going to sit and nag about the rain on your shoes or the dripping clothes that you need to wash? Or the fungus that's growing on your un-washed pile of clothes? (not that I have a pile of clothes that needs to be washed as soon as possible, am just saying, casually!)
Or are you not going to enjoy these monsoons from in AND out of your house?
Did you understand what Mr. Happy and Mr. Positive has told you?
I did.
So I will NOT crib on the little issues that happen in my life. Instead I will go and enjoy the life that I am living in and encourage Mr. Happy and Mr. Positive



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  2. I am really happy with Mr. Girish !
    I saw his video last nite..
    his words touched me and I was left speechless !
    I am sure if everyone LEARNS to c d happiness over what is left rather being stagnated in his past, we will live a life of peacefulness as well as of dignity !
    lovely blog !
    spread the message of positive thinking ! :)

  3. I loved reading this. Really positive and grateful for what we often take for granted.


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